Monday, April 12, 2010


THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SHERLOCKIANA,A Universal Dictionary of Sherlock Holmes and his Biographer John H. Watson,M>D> by JACK TRACY, Avenel Books,New York, 1987. Aslo titled as ;'A UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY OF THE STATE OF KNOWLEDGE OF'

Thursday, November 5, 2009


THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES is one of my favorite stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and it has been treated in various ways in cinema and radio dramatizations that still have great appeal for many. One version of this story appears on a $2.00 DVD I recently purchased that features MATT FREWER as SHERLOCK HOLMES and KENNETH WELSH as DR. WATSON as well as two other tales featuring these actors in their respective roles. THE HOUND in this version features some very nice,colorful scenery and so forth a bit different from the often gloomy and sinister depictions of such in earlier movies, even with 'special effects' to enhance the fierce/grotesque appearance of 'the creature'. However the radio dramatization of the BBC I enjoy for the free reign of imagination that such allows to those whose ears are attuned to radio drama and the like, as mine are, from early childhood(childhoot) to the present day. I have seen a number of movies and have a few of them in my collection,many of the the 'classic' versions but I do not have the set which features Jeremy Britt/Brett? for several reasons that I find them a bit 'disturbing' despite their being considered the most superior of these flicks and dramatizations,etc. I have seen nearly all of them on Public TV when my TV operated pre-digital age. They are excellent and probably someday I shall add them to my collection(s) and actually study them a bit more,rather than just watch the tales unfold as most viewers tend to do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Fans of Sherlock Holmes will have noted, if they are martial artists, especially those in judo and jiujitsu, that Holmes used the Japanese art of BARITSU or as it was eventually called, BARTITSU in a few of the stories. He was also an adept at boxing and single stick and had an exceptional grip. Some of the later TV shows with Jeremy Britt have shown some of this but I cannot recall the exact shows at this time. I have mentioned all this at the JUDO FORUM website during discussion topics there as have others who have many interesting things to say. The address is judoforum.com

Monday, August 17, 2009


This particular blog is for those who are Sherlock Holmes fans and also fans of other early fictional detectives that will be discussed in future topics.